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Event: Return & Tear Down

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Event: Return & Tear Down

  • Larkspur & Leo is happy to offer delivery to any location up to a 45-minute drive time from its studio location, at 200 N. Milwaukee Ave, in Lake Villa IL, per Google Maps. Certain exceptions may apply. Delivery charges start at $90.00, plus $2.50 per mile from the studio location to the event location. This delivery charge is subject to change based on delivery location, number of delivery stops, and load, and at the discretion of Larkspur & Leo. If setup is required, an additional fee will apply, at a minimum of $75.00. This fee is subject to change based on the amount of setup that is required, and at the discretion of Larkspur & Leo. If a return trip, or trips, are required for tear down and/or pick-up of floral and/or rental items, there may be an additional fee up to the total amounts of the delivery and/or setup fees.

    The exact fees associated with delivery and setup, for your event, will be listed on the most current version of the design plans, and/or invoice.

  • All rental items are required to be in the possession of Larkspur & Leo by 3:00pm the next business day following your event date, unless otherwise agreed upon. If rental items are not returned, or determined unreturnable, due to damage, theft, or otherwise, you will be charged the full retail price of each rental item not returned. The retail price will be listed within each applicable rental item description within the proposed design plans. Certain exceptions may apply, but only at the discretion of Larkspur & Leo.

    Major credit or debit card information, in the name of the renter, will be required no later than 30 (thirty) days prior to the event date. Authorization to charge said credit or debit card the applicable cost of non-returnable rental items is required. Your credit or debit card will not be charged unless any rental items are not returned or deemed unreturnable, as previously stated. By signing this agreement you are acknowledging these rental terms, and authorizing Larkspur & Leo to charge your credit or debit card, as necessary.

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