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The Team

I am fortunate enough to work alongside some of the most talented, kind, and generous flora-professionals around.

  • No delivery for small orders at this time; only weddings, events, large display arrangement orders, and funeral orders

Only items for sale are flowers, arrangements in the cooler, plants, and the occasional vase, knick knack, and greeting cards

No balloons and we don't do add-on gifts

Flower arrangements available in the cooler weekly, on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays; loose blooms also available for pick and purchase

Wholesale bunches available for purchase, and ready for pickup on Wednesday afternoons

We host DIY Flower Arranging workshops, Flower Bar Parties, and DIY Wedding Flower Events

During peak wedding season (May-Sept), studio hours and small order availability may change based on workload. Funeral orders will be accommodated year round.

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