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  • What are your open hours?
    Although the floral studio is currently "by appointment only", our general rule is if you see us in there working, or the OPEN sign is on, come on in! We may be able to whip you up a fresh flower bouquet on the spot, or you may peruse our selection of houseplants and knick-knacks, or you can place an order for a future pick up or delivery, OR we always love to see a friendly face just for a quick hello! We are typically in-studio at the following days and times each week: Wednesday, 1pm - 5pm Thursday, 10am - 5pm Friday, 10am - 5pm Saturday, 9am - 12pm
  • Do you have flowers available in-store?
    Sometimes, but not regularly. While there may be occasions that we have fresh flowers, and/or ready-made floral arrangements, available for same-day pickup in the cooler, it is best to order in advance. Be sure to follow our Facebook page for updates on flash sales, same-day arrangement availability, and pop-up shopping events. Don't hesitate to give us a call, send us an email, or shoot over a message on social media, if you just want to check in to see if we happen to have some pretties on-hand that day!
  • Do you offer delivery?
    Yes and No. At this time, we offer delivery for weddings, events, funerals, and large display arrangements. We do not offer delivery for small, everyday occasion orders, with the exception of purchases that include 3+ items going to the same location. There will be a pickup/delivery description, which indicates if the product qualifies for delivery or not, on each product listed in our online SHOP. Exceptions may apply, however, so if you are unsure about your order, or if you are in dire need of delivery, give us a shout! We are happy to accommodate if we can.
  • Do you sell gift items or home decor?
    Unfortunately, no. Aside from the occasional decorative vase, flower pot, knickknack, or greeting / note card, we do not offer additional gifts, balloons, chocolate, or home décor items. We focus our work on beautiful flowers, unique plants, and event design. However, I am very happy to refer you to our favorite gift shops in the area!
  • Can you sell me a full, or loose, bunch of flowers or foliage?
    You bet! We call those Grab-n-Go bunches, and they are available for purchase, at near wholesale pricing. Grab-n-Go bunches require advanced ordering, and would be available for pickup as early as Thursday afternoons.
  • Do you offer classes or workshops?
    Yes, and they are SO MUCH FUN! Keep an eye out on our activities, listed under the Activities tab and/or posted on our Facebook page to see what we're up to. Particularly off-wedding-season, we may host DIY flower and plant arranging workshops, flower bar parties, and DIY wedding flower events - just to name a few.
  • Can I text you?
    Yes! And please do! When I'm not working, I'm with my small children, which means I will NEVER answer a phone call. Texts and emails are always easiest to reach me, and for the quickest response. But... please don't hesitate to call anyway, if that's what you prefer. I'll certainly get back to you as quickly as I can.

Have you got a common question that wasn't listed here?
Share it below and we'll update our list ASAP!

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