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Handtied Bouquet

If you already have a vase, and just need some fresh, fragrant florals to go in it, a handtied bouquet is perfect for you! Created with a Designer’s Choice assortment of seasonal blooms and textures, and tied loosely with bind-wire. Available sizes include Petite, Average, and Plump.


Petite bouquets are best for small vases, at approximately 6"+ tall with a 3" to 4" opening. Average bouquets are best for medium, or standard size, vases, at approximately 6" to 8" tall, with a 3" to 6" opening. Plump bouquets are best for either medium / standard size vases, or larger vases, at approximately 6" to 10" tall, with a 4" to 8" opening.


Vase / Bouquet sizes are rough estimates. If you have an odd-shaped vase, or you're just not sure what you have and what you need, shoot me a note with a picture of your vase(s)! I'm happy to help!

Handtied Bouquet

  • Uniquely designed, un-contained arrangement. Images are for example only, as ALL arrangements offered are Designer's Choice. Exact floral style and color scheme will not be pre-determined, and will depend on availability.

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